From the man I sent it to, I just received a letter I wrote in 1979 to my now-lifelong college friend; a break-my-heart-and-simultaneously-fill-my-heart-with-love friend, and for the length of time it took to read it – and still as I write – I became that same brokenhearted 20-year-old girl.

Since that letter was written, every emotion/interaction that he and I have shared over the last 40+ years just flooded my system, and I am a puddle of tears and beyond freaked. The irony?

Over the past few years, with the thought being that sending letters back to the people who wrote them would offer a better understanding of where they were at certain points in their lives, I have done precisely that. I had no idea what I may have been doing to their psyches.


One thought on “WHAT GOES AROUND…

  1. Sometime ago I gathered up all the letters from a long-time-ago, long-term girlfriend, and after I read one or two (with I think a similar reaction to yours) I put them all into the shredder, and made art out of them.

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