The Mastodon is not Extinct

I bailed on Twitter about six months ago. As you know, I am a sensitive beast, and my blood pressure was way too high. Outside of Facebook, I thought that would be the end of my social media interactions.

Yesterday, friend Todd posted about Mastodon which, being somewhat of a dinosaur myself, had not yet hit my radar. Did a quick vetting and joined:

I’ve learned how to follow people and do the Mastodon version of LIKING but, outside of my introductory post, that’s as far as I’ve gone.

Still, it’s clear that it’s kinder and gentler (and quieter, if that makes sense), but simultaneously (depending upon who you read) hard-hitting. Just not nasty. Just not gratuitously slinging mud. I don’t have that gripping-the-steering-wheel-in-rush-hour-traffic feeling that Twitter offered. . . and I can’t imagine I will ever miss it.

Hope to read some of you there.


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