Shtick for the Dead

From the “I’m-Afraid-This-Really-Just-Happened” Department:

Husband, about to head out.
Me: Happy…happy?…Happy Judy’s Birthday to you.
Husband: (sighs)
Me: How old would she have been? She was born in… ’51?
Husband: She was 10 years older than you so…
Me: (interrupting) No, that’s Jan.
Husband: So…
Me (interrupting): She’s SEVENTY? That can’t be.
Husband: You just said…
Me (interrupting): She’s 7 years older than me. So she would have been…68!?
Andy: You’re 62, dear. So she was born in ’52 and would have been 69.
Me: Oh, just take your math and go!

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Judy. I trust this amused you. ❤


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