Under the Radar

The older I get, the less unique I want to be. I want to find that my thinking and behavior is shared. To that end, I wonder if it’s true for the majority of functional adults who were bullied, teased, or abused in their early years if, in a subconscious attempt to protect themselves from the unavoidable pain they believe is coming, they are a bit slow in understanding the totality of what is happening: so conditioned to exclusively focus on the task at hand or extract the positive from any given situation in order to optimally function in spite of the perceived oncoming brunt of the verbal or physical onslaught from the worst of their fellow humans…so conditioned to make more happiness than most to counterbalance the sadness…or just hoping to become invisible…to pass under the radar.


One thought on “Under the Radar

  1. I think you are spot on about wanting to fly under the radar. I don’t think I was bullied, etc., as a kid, but always wanted to fly under dad’s radar. But I find that as I get older, I like to find that more people think/feel/believe
    like me, i.e., smart, sensitive, hip, maybe a little woke. Nice to find my fellow old-people thinking like me.


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