This was our previous home. My husband lived there just-shy of 30 years – 17 for me. He built that barn and shed. The barn will last forever if the owners choose to let it. He fenced the property himself. He planted trees and plants and tended to the land so lovingly. You would think that I would remember more than as if it was a movie I’d seen, but details often fade. I do remember where each of our dogs was buried. Late-great Wally the Whittler made signs for them with each name and date. The house has its second owner since we moved. If one had to be in the middle of nowhere, it was the place to be. Now, am so grateful for being in the middle of somewhere.danburyhouse


One thought on “HOME

  1. I’ve always thought it should be a rule that anyone can visit homes they’ve lived in. I would dearly love to see the inside of my childhood house on Summit Rd. in Riverside to see how it compares with the movie in my head.


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