From a 2015 Facebook post:

Very reflective today. I realize that until Andy and I became Andy-and-Joc, I essentially stinted my way through life. Cameo appearances. Stayed in whatever it was until my attention, or doubt, or fear, or boredom took me elsewhere. I still have a short attention span, and I still have doubts and a few fears. I don’t have enough time in any given day to experience the luxury of boredom.
What the magic of a longstanding relationship has given me is someone with whom I am able to measure my personal growth – gains and losses (yes, you may grow from loss). Taking this trek with someone who has known me since I was a teenager makes me realize the many versions of me he has known, and yet, there is an Essence of Jocelyn (“the narrative thread”) which has accompanied each version.
I like the post-middle-age gig. I could only like it more if it had as many years ahead of us as those which have passed.


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