It never occurred to me
That your exit would be voluntary,
That you would leave
Without kicking and screaming.

That you would have thought,
“Yes, I’ve done all I can,”
Or worse,
“Yes, Pain. You’ve won.”

2 thoughts on “ODE TO CARL

  1. For many reasons, it has never been a viable consideration, in my youth, because it never occurred to me that there WAS a way out – and as an adult, if only out of fear of screwing up and being aware inside an otherwise vegetable’s body, I have veered off the path to the cliff. Plus, oh yeah! I love the life gig.

    That I didn’t see the seed of the thought of the action in someone who looked me in the eyes, someone whose eyes I looked into, someone with whom conversation and laughter and poetry was shared…it’s hard to process. And it’s just damned sad.


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