With A Twist of Lyme

I wasn’t diagnosed for 14 years. I live a Jekyll and Hyde existence – one of sometimes functioning in a passable fashion – other times, incapable of finishing a sentence. If you are lucky, you only see me when my brain is firing or my body is following commands. On great days, I replace the “or” in the previous sentence with an “and”.

Am tired of people saying, “But you look well!” and having to respond, “Well, I can’t help that.” I am tired, period, but I love the life gig. It is more exhausting for those around me who have to see the malfunctions, incapable of doing anything to heal that which has invaded and destroyed.

When I am functional, I do so with a vengeance and go like a bat out of hell, not knowing when my next gift of a brain and body concert will be.


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