Hold Up A Mirror

Not a wise thing to do when one has the flu, but I do not mean to literally ‘Hold Up A Mirror.’

It is often easier to see in others what we may fail to see in ourselves: our own goodness – our helpfulness and compassion – our humanity. When others seek my advice, I listen to what they say when they explain their situation and what they feel to be viable options, and I then reflect their words back to them. When they acknowledge the soundness of what I say in response, I advise that I simply have mirrored their words back to them.

When one is powerful but doesn’t realize it, one is not powerful.

You, as a friend or confidant, hold the ability to empower someone who comes to you perplexed, seeking a solution for one of life’s messes. Permit someone to see that they not only have answers, but that they also have the strength to do what needs to be done to rectify what they view as out of kilter. All you have to do is metaphorically hold up a mirror.


One thought on “Hold Up A Mirror

  1. This was the most potent lesson learned from my parenting experience. “Active listening,” and empowering the kids to solve the problem, or at least think they were solving it, for themselves. I’m still learning, and learning to empower myself.


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